The Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) was a project of The Community Prevention Initiative (CPI), administered by the Center for Applied Research Solutions and funded and directed by The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

While this project has ended, the website is still available for reference and to use as a resource. For further questions, please contact us at 1 (877) 568-4227.

1)       Needs and Resource Assessment

a.       SIG Needs and Resource Template

b.       Sample Readiness Checklist 

c.       National Trend Data


2)       Prevention Plan 

a.       SIG Prevention Plan Outline

b.       GPAC Strategic Plan to Reduce Binge Drinking


3)       Model Programs

a.       Overview

                                                               i.      Model Environmental Program Matrix

                                                             ii.      Research Findings
- Approaching Alcohol Problems Through Local Environmental Interventions
- How to Reduce High-Risk Drinking

b.       Border Binge-Drinking Reduction Project

                                                               i.      Program Description

                                                             ii.      Research Findings
Border Binge Drinking Reduction Project Description (Click cancel if pop-up box appears)
-  A Survey of the San Diego/Tijuana Cross-Border Binging 

c.       Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA)

                                                               i.     Program Description

                                                             ii.      Research Findings
- CMCA Description
- Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol: Lessons and Results from a 15-Community Randomized Trial

d.       Community Trials Intervention to Reduce High-Risk Drinking (RHRD)

                                                               i.      Program Description

                                                             ii.      Research Findings
- Community Trials Intervention to Reduce High-Risk Drinking Description

e.       Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

                                                               i.      Program Description

                                                             ii.      Research Findings
- Challenging College Alcohol Abuse Description


4)       Evidence-Based Strategies

a.       Overview

                                                               i.      Promising Programs and Strategies Matrix

                                                             ii.      General Research Findings
- Prevention Tactic: Binge Drinking: Community Action to Reduce Binge Drinking

- Environmental Prevention Strategies: An Introduction and Overview
- Environmental Prevention Strategies: Evidence of Effectiveness
- Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking
- Alcohol abuse, substance abuse, binge drinking at College Drinking

b.       Access
- Prevention Youth Access to Alcohol
- Preventing Underage Alcohol Access: Essential Elements for Policy, Deterrence and Public Support
- The Relative Importance of Social Versus Commercial Sources in Youth Access to Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
- Prevention Tactic: Social Host Ordinances

c.       Advertising
- Alcohol Counter-Advertising and the Media: A Review of Recent Research
- Alcohol Advertising and Youth

- Alcohol Health Promotion via Mass Media: The Evidence on (In)Effectiveness
- Alcohol Advertising on Television, 2001 to 2003: More of the Same

d.       Laws and Policies
- Policy Panels: Creating Effective Public Policy
- Using Local Regulatory and Land Use Powers Can Help Prevent Underage Drinking
- Environmental Policies to Reduce College Drinking: Options and Research Findings
- Effects of Minimum Drinking Age Laws: Review and Analyses of the Literature from 1960 to 2000

e.       Social Norms
- Changing the Perception of the Norm: A Strategy to Decrease Binge Drinking Among College Students
- Social Settings and Situations of Underage Drinking
- Prevention Tactics: Social Norms: Promoting Positive Behavior as the Rule, Not the Exception

f.         Coalitions
- Building and Sustaining Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions, Part II
- Can Neighborhood Associations be Allies in Health Policy Efforts? Political Activity Among Neighborhood Associations

- Evaluating the Effects of a Community Coalition's Efforts to Reduce Illegal Sales of Alcohol and Tobacco Products to Minors


5)       Additional Resources

a.       Predictors of Binge Drinking
- Environmental Predictors of Drinking and Drinking-Related Problems in Young Adults
- Environmental Predictors of Heavy Episodic Drinking

b.       College Strategies
- Why is Work Intensity Associated with Heavy Alcohol Use Among Adolescents?
- Facts and Myths about College Drinking: A Serious Problem with Serious Solutions
- Review and Analysis of Programs to Reduce College Drinking

- Environmental Changes Can Reduce College Binge Drinking
- Reducing Drinking and Related Harms in College: Evaluation of the "A Matter of Degree" Program

c.   Sample Prevention Plans/Reports
- Binge Drinking Committee Initial Report and Recommendations to Reduce Risky Drinking of First-Year Students in Residence Halls
- The Reliability of Environmental Measures of the College Alcohol Environment
- Effects of Communities, Neighborhoods and Stores on Retail Pricing and Promotion of Beer
- Point-of-Purchase Alcohol Marketing and Promotion by Store Type -- United States, 2000-2001
- Prevention Tactics: Mini-Grants: A Community-Approach to AOD Prevention